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Sep 11, 2010 2:30am PDT
militares homosexuales en activo a callar su orientacion.--ayer jueves, la jueza "virginia phillips" determino que la regla "don't ask, don't tell" o "no preguntes, no digas" es anti-constitucional pues viola los derechos de gays y lesbianas, garantizados en la primera enmienda.--por ahora, los abogados del gobierno estan revisando el fallo. --segun la jueza, esta politica que data de 1993, tiene un "efecto directo y perjudicial" tanto en el reclutamiento en tiempos de guerra como al exigir el despido de elementos homosexuales sin importar su capacidad y formacion. ---dos investigadores federales determinaron que el estado de arizona viola los derechos civiles de los estudiantes que no hablan ingles como primer idioma. ---los departamentos de justicia y de educacion descubrieron que en arizona clasifican a los alumnos como si el ingles fuera su lengua materna cuando, en realidad, no hablan bien el idioma. ---esto se debe a que ya nqu les preguntan a los padres de familia qÉ idioma aprendieron sus hijos primero, ni qÉ idioma se habla en su casa... y, como consecuencia, estos niÑos
Sep 11, 2010 12:00pm EDT
to the plaza. these are trees llthat were partially grown in new york, i new jersey a pennsylvania and virginia, all locations with ties to what happened on 9/11. of course, this memorial will be built -- will be opened one year from today,n thene xton anniversary, and everyone is looking forward to that. people here w are leaving the ceremony are filled with emotion. many of them describe it as being very powerful each year, many family members tell us fewer and fewer families attend, but those who do sayhey do because they feel a need to be here. for others, it is far too painful an experience to repeat. but it is for many people here a ceremony that they would not want to miss in particula this year being no different. so once again, an interesting day to be sure to be a part of all this w we have a lot ahead us, fred, as you know. >> a lot of this in great contrast. apparently there will be some protests as well as demonstrations, those for and those against the islamic center that is proposed to be built just a few blocks away. a you'll be attending and covering those events as well, right
FOX News
Sep 11, 2010 6:00am EDT
? >> thankou, brian. 200 people in virginia are going to lose their job as one of t large major light bulb companies closes. congress passed an measure that makes the indanestit bulb obsolete. instead of updating the factories. general electric is outsourcing the work ton chin a. pact oil has worked inhe light bulb for 20 years. > good morning. >> 26 years in the factory. you know how to put a light bull ingtogether? >> yes, we have made a quality product at reasonable cost. >> you were told recently that september 21st, that's your last day because? >> because our jobs are actually at our fility, our jobs are going to mexico. >> so mexico, china, where ever. the point of the matter they are not staying in the united states. what do you make of the fact that the president went on record and said clean energy and green jobs will be coming to america? >> sounds like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. if i might, i want to hold up ookad that corporate ge t out in the local newspaper. >> please do. >> if you read the headline. keeng jobs here and across the country. this was in
Sep 11, 2010 12:05am PDT
. >> she actually left "90210" and became an ordained minister in west virginia. >> jimmy: so she might as well be dead. >> no, but she got pregnant on the show and that child then became actually erin and that's who i am. >> do you have any plans -- >> jimmy: well, very nice to meet you. i'm glad you're finally out of that hell hole of the oakwood apartments. i guess it all worked out although i wouldn't recommend to parents sending their daughters to hollywood. >> i never -- >> jimmy: to be accosted to men in suspenders. >> your old home overlooked those apartments and the jacuzzi, right. >> jimmy: yeah, i didn't do anything weird. don't worry. "90210," the show's season premiere. jessica stroup, everybody. be right back with shontelle. [ applause ] well, it can show you the thmost fuel-efficient route to where you're going. it can find the best price on gas. >> show fuel prices. vo: and now its v6 gets the best highway fuel economy in its class. say hello to the new ford edge. quite possibly the world's smartest crossover. the craftsman hammerhead goes everyday. driving home nails qu
Sep 10, 2010 9:00pm EDT
as their fifth amendment rights to due process. judge virginia phillips also said she would issue an injunction to keep the government from enforcing what she ruled as a due process denying free speech-violating policy. the justice department has not yet said whether it will appeal the judge's decision. the justice department spokesman did say that lawyers are reviewing the ruling. as for the commander in chief, well, he didn't have to say anything about it today. president obama was not asked a single question about the ruling at today's press conference. which, frankly, i thought was weird. but the justice department may have for its part already tipped its cards a little bit on this issue. the justice department mounted a really, really, really bad defense in this case. so bad as to be almost nonexistent. we learned this today not from the justice department, but from are judge phillips in her 85-page decision. she noted on page 20 of that decision, quote, apart from the act itself and its legislative history, defendants, meaning the government, admitted to evidence, and produced no witnesse
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)